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Chemical Innovation since 1971

Veco was founded over forty years ago by a small group of highly experienced chemical engineers who were willing to set ambitious long-term goals. Today, Veco is a well-established company that continues to offer its services to the market in a concrete way. Its employees are mainly chemical engineers, internal laboratory technicians, external sales technicians, and production personnel.


Veco is situated in a green area on the outskirts of Vicenza, in close proximity to the largest and most significant leather district in Italy, namely Arzignano.


The company's premises span an area of approximately 15,000 square meters, with 5,200 square meters of covered space. The interior of the warehouses is divided into two sections: raw materials and finished products, and the production department of polyurethane resins, pigments, auxiliaries, and other minor activities. A wing of approximately 800 square meters has been allocated to offices and laboratories.
Veco operates in China through its representative WuxiVeco, based in Shanghai, with an extensive distribution network throughout the country. 

Our strengths

A major strength is that Veco produces 95% of its sales, while only 5% is marketed. From an equipment point of view, Veco is well equipped, relying on modern machinery for pigment production and a number of reactors of different capacities for the production of polyurethane resins and other products, as well as a good number of mixers for the production of auxiliaries and compounds. The current production capacity is approximately 300 tons per month.

From the very beginning, Veco decided to focus its interest on the tanning sector and, more specifically, on leather finishing, a sector in which it has become increasingly specialized over the years. It has gone from producing only pigments to producing solvent-based and water-based auxiliaries, as well as a significant production of polyurethane resins.

Veco's strength, however, remains the creation and development of complete finishing systems with special attention to chemical/physical properties.

Today, Veco's production can meet all the requirements of the tanning industry and its products can be used in the furniture, clothing, footwear, automotive and leather goods sectors.

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